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FTS Systems has been a leader in temperature control technology since 1975, offering temperature cycling systems that are smaller, quieter, more reliable, more economical, and reject less heat than competing systems, making them ideal for labs of all sizes.

A Division of SP Scientific  

ThermoJet Air Stream Temperature Control

Our temperature forcing systems feature the only dual stage cascade refrigeration system available  today in a forced air thermal control system, offering the highest flow rate and reliability on the market, for improved cost of ownership and higher productivity.  Other features include a robust, easy-to-use and remotable controller,  34% smaller footprint, 20% faster device transition rate,  audible noise levels 20% quieter than the competition, and the most reliable temperature cycling system available. 

  • AirJet XE
  • ThermoJet ES

Recirculating Fluid Chillers

SP Scientific’s recirculating chillers provide highly efficient and cost effective heat removal by means of a constant flow of clean temperature controlled fluid. Recirculating chiller systems are available with heat removal rates from 1050 W (3580 Btu/hr) to 24,000 W (81,910 Btu/hr) and temperature ranges from -90°C to +150°.​  Known for their ability to remove more heat per square inch of floorspace, they are the economical and logical choice for labs of all sizes.

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